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What Is Qurbani?

What Is Qurbani?

What Is Qurbani? Sacrifice is the act of slaughtering an animal and offering the ritual of sacrifice, which distributes its meat to those in need. The calendar takes place during the last ten days of the last month of the Islamic month (Dhu’l-Hijjah) and is remembered for the sacrifice that Ibrahim was willing to make.

Nowadays, many Muslims choose to donate their sacrifices all over the world. This enables the meat to be distributed to the poor and poor in the less fortunate parts of the world and allows it to reach the point where it will work best.


There are some principles and traditions associated with sacrifice. These laws should be respected and upheld every year.
The Qur’anic principles are as follows:
The Qur’anic will be performed only on the tenth, 11th and 12th days of Zul-Hajj. Qur’anic orders may be given before these dates, but the actual sacrifice must be made in those days.
There are specific requirements for those who can offer sacrifices. To qualify, you must be a formal minded and possess 52.5 tons of silver or its equivalent. Children are not expected to offer sacrifices. Yet if you meet the criteria and do not offer the sacrifice. You will be expected to pay.
Charities do not replace sacrificial donations and do not fulfill your obligation during this time of year.
Sacrifices should be divided equally into three parts – one for the family, one for your friends and neighbors, and the last for the needy.

When it comes to deciding which animals are eligible for sacrifice, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed:

Applicable animals are goats, sheep, cattle, and camels – here is a brief guide to eligible animals.
Goats and sheep should be at least one year old.
Cows, bulls, and buffaloes must be at least two years old.
Camels should be at least five years old.
If you purchase animals before the due date. You will need to take good care of them in the medium days. Similarly, animals should be slaughtered quickly and painlessly, using proper equipment to ensure they do not cause too much trouble.
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