Hindi Poetry On Life

Hindi Poetry On Life, Zindagi Poem For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life
Hindi Poetry On Life

Hindi Poetry On Life poems about life in Hindi 2021. Think about what you have in life! Best Short Life Poetry in Hindi. Always race.

Welcome to MagicalShayari.com. The best new Hindi poems on the values of life are here. Read the latest sad life poems in Hindi, short poems about life and death with beautiful pictures.

Hindi Poetry On Life Best collection of new poems about life in Hindi for students. Zindagi poetry in Hindi written by Abhishek Gupta. Latest life poems in the Indian love life of her boyfriend, boyfriend in HD images. You can like, share and follow us with your love.

Hindi Poetry On Life Zindagi Chali Gayi, For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life

Hindi Poetry On Life Why is life’s past usually good?
The night is resting but why is the morning good?
Think about what you found in life, always run the race
Relax only when you close your eyelids, you give up
The path of this lament is on the roads,
If nothing is done in time, everything will fall apart,
Some people are forced to give up on their dreams until it is complete
Life is a race, everyone should run here
Life is there, but where did life go in life?
Even after searching, you won’t get the moment you stepped in yesterday.

Hindi Poetry On Life Zindagi ka beta Samay hola Kyon acha hai ،

raat aaram deta hai fir bhi subah kyon achha hota hai ،

socho a kya paya zindagi mein hamesha daud bhaagkar ،

sukoon milta hai tabhi jab palken banda kar lo haar maankar ،

aise hola pachtavon ka manazar raston mein bichh jayega ،

agar samay par kuch nahi kiya to sab kuch bikhar jayega ،

kuch sapno ko pura karne ke liye apno ko chhodna padta hai ،

zindagi ek daud hai yahan har kisi ko daudna padta hai ،

zindagi إلى hai par zindagi mein zindagi kahan chali gayi ،

dhundhne se bhi nahi milenge wo pal jo beete kal mein chali gayi.

Hindi Poetry On Life Kahan Gaya, For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life

Hindi Poetry On Life Why don’t we live life written in books?
How to drink poison from a thousand problems together
Life collapses in the name of life
Companies are formed in the name of success,
Every important moment is spent,
But how do you use it when life is incomplete?
When life was sacrificed in the name of love, where did that era go?
Today, love is only the need of the flesh, as this sacred love is gone.
Today people betray in the name of loyalty,
This is why relationships are changing like Fashion Day.

Hindi Poetry On Life For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life Kyon kitabon mein nahi likha zindagi kaise jiyen,
Hazar musibaton ka zahar ek sath kaise piyen,
zindagi bikharti ja rahi hai zindagi ke naam pair,
dhandhe bante ja rahe hain safalta ke naam par,
ek ek lamha beeta ja raha hai jo mahatavpurna hai,
Iska upyog kaise karen jab zindagi apurna hai husband,
jab pyar ke naam par zindagi kurban karte the wo zamana kahan gaya,
aaj pyar sirf sharir ki jarurat hai wo pavitra prem kahan gaya.
aajkal wafadari ke naam par log gaddari karte ja rahe hain,
Fashion isliye aaye din rishte ki tarah badalte ja rahe hain.

Hindi Poetry On Life Poem about Life in Hindi For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life – Friends, this post today presented a collection of poems based on Wonderful Life. This Hindi poem “Poems About Life” shows and explains the truth and importance of living the best way.

My friends, when did we decide on our lifelong journey? We don’t even know. We also forget how to live our lives. Indian life poem, Indian life poem, Indian life poem by Zindaghi, Indian life poem, Indian life poetry, Indian life Kavita.

Hindi Poetry On Life Poets wrote Kavita poems about life, considering life as a basis. The poets have said everything about life in their one poem. Here below are the most famous and best folk poems in Indian poetry about the lives of some famous poets. We hope you like the poem Zindagi in Hindi.

Hindi Poetry On Life Like evening we are moving For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life Like the night, we are
Movable, without any floor.
The moments that have been saved to live
They melt without spending.
My life has been extended
Like smoke, the remaining moments burn like cigarettes.
Take the hand
From what we have, we change our lives like clothes.

Hindi Poetry On Life In this disaster of life For Download

In this disaster
Life, when life passed from morning to evening,

Until yesterday, the stadiums we played
Today these fields were auctioned.
It was not known.

I didn’t know when I left the dream home for dreams.

Roe is still stuck in his childhood
Only the body becomes young.

He left the city
When it reached the city it was unknown.

I didn’t know when the boy, a pedestrian, started driving a bike and a car.

Every breath of life
When he forgot to live life he did not know.

He slept peacefully in his mother’s lap,
When the dream flew, it was not known.

Once upon a time with friends
They laugh a lot,
Now they don’t know where they got lost.

When the burden of responsibility
Make him responsible, he was not known.

Who lived with all the family members,
When he became lonely, he was unknown.

I didn’t know when the mile trip was
I stopped when life’s journey was interrupted

Hindi Poetry On Life Childhood passed in childhood For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life Childhood has passed into childhood,
Young people make a home,
Life became like a jungle,
Everyone is running because of the storm.

Every day a new dawn breaks
But the fabric of life does not change
Everyone is doing whatever they want
His private life, but he does not live his life.

If someone is called soon, I am afraid,
How the world became dishonest
The journey continues at that
I don’t know, I struggle every day to live a few seconds.

there is no place
Where I can find two places where my head is sturdy
Sleep in dreams, immerse yourself
Streets of childhood.

Can I pick the plum candy and dry the floating pond in it again, can I?
To hear the mother’s pause again,
Forget this mockery of life.

Late in the morning, it dawned again
Nights’ dream flew again, and
A dream lost for Chamom, a journey
Life has started over again.

Dry the water in the eyes,
The face went like a fly,
Now the same will to live,
Sleeping again in the dream world.

Hindi Poetry On Life There will be plenty of sun in the journey For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life There will be plenty of sunlight in the flight if you can meditate,
Then there will be a lot of people, so if you can break new ground.

Suppose the floor is far away so you can take a step,
It will be difficult to travel, trust yourself.

Color changes life every moment, every day, therefore
You can make your own new color.

If you can walk alone on the road, let’s go
If you can weave some sweet life moments.

Give up looking for safe passages, even if you can meditate in the sun, you can
You find life in a little happiness.

This is life, and there are some bright hopes
If you can get away with these games, then come on.

You’re looking for light in the dark, if you can enlighten yourself, come on
You’ll find a way to stop if any passion remains.

If you can get burned, come on yes
You can share happiness by enduring pain.

If you can laugh at yourself and make others laugh, then let it go
To change others, if you can change yourself.

Hindi Poetry On Life Life Not in Slavery For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life is not bondage, live freely, live
Not at the limit, unlimited
Do not live in this care, do you not know tomorrow?

I don’t know how far I’m going, I don’t know
How much will the distance be
Go but you have to do something like this,
You are not there, but you stay.

Somewhere there is a sun, somewhere there is a shadow
Somewhere there is pain, somewhere there is happiness
And the
This is the history of every home, this tradition is old.

Sad tonight, and tomorrow is Diwali
This is a life full of pain and happiness,
This is your unique story.
This story is old, but every page is new.

Today is new, tomorrow is old
So someone else has to come
Then someone has to go
This is the way of life.

Hindi Poetry On Life Two moment life For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life There are two moments of life
Childhood today, the youth of tomorrow,
The day he gets old, the story ends.

Let’s live laughter, let’s live honestly
So this next night is beautiful
Then this next day wouldn’t be nice.

What happened yesterday?
It’s over, because you worry about tomorrow, live
Today and now, there should not be another time.

Let’s sing life, let’s do some things on the mind, let’s
We celebrate with anger.

Come write life story with love
Some speak sweet words,
Some relationships will be new.

What did you bring? What will you take away?
Come loot something, come and
Go with everyone,
Keep traveling on life’s journey this way.

Hindi Poetry On Life in Hindi For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life You know the sound of those steps for a long time, you know my life, we get to know you from a distance.

My eyes are also like infidels’ lives
Once I see those who kill my life and my faith.

who is he
Successful humans call global success, says Medani.

See what it says about it
Speak up but take precautions.

When I feel anxious
We cover papers for your memories of deserted nights

Your own decision is not enough in love
Also, how you pass through the designers at heart

Ek-Ek of Hayate-Ishq as is-shaheed,
They are well known and easy to eat.

We even have a chance in the messengers, and
They accept my speech from Iqlafon.

When you believe in believing in your power when you believe in it.

Now consider it blasphemy or know Blandy Nizar by giving it
God Dohan.

The person whom Surat tells you gives the address by him
Consider the meaning of Sirat

We won’t let you lose, in a commercial matter
We take every loss from our friends

If every eye of you eats a new smell for you, we take a new message from your eyes

Rafiq Al-Zandji was now a last-dear time
Hi ऎ death! We do this second service

A long time, a fugitive heart, longs to hear
This then my eyes are crazy

The word “parting” is often changed in disguise. kafir
Sometimes we know, sometimes we know

Hindi Poetry On Life O life your lesson For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life, your lesson is wonderful, for the
conscience, a round of sorrow is also necessary.

What has been achieved by this race so far,
it is necessary to calculate it as well.

To find the destination on the path,
‘What is the point’, it is also important to consider.

We used to live with the help of love,
now we understood that ‘something else’ is also necessary.

Hindi Poetry On Life Painful gift from the new century For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life Painful New Century Gifts,

The son tells the father of his status.

Worship in the temple, the tribulation in the house,

Mother’s father is confused, and Ganesh is drugged.

Where do you remain now mercy, religion, faith

Stone people are the human heart.

The Lord of the Stone has fifty-six.

Die hungry and thirst on the sidewalk.

Hindi Poetry On Life Kavita on Life For Download

Hindi Poetry On Life Life passed like a lonely
Caravan and travel alone

Shocked by his shadow
The era has passed, only

He spoke silently throughout
Night where are you alone

The day does not pass, people do not live

We saw until the door, then we did
I do not know where she is

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