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How You Can Make Eid Ul-Fitr Greetings Cards

The display of Eid al Fitr greetings cards has become an important part of Eid Ul-Fitr’s tradition. With just a few simple supplies and tips, you can create them yourself. Read on to learn how to create a beautiful Eid Ul-Fitr card.

If you want to create a pastel-colored card, you need to cut off a piece of white card paper before folding it in half to create a card. You can then use a white pencil to draw shapes and lines on the card cover. You can use templates to make beautiful patterns, and you can draw crescent moons or stars on the cover. In addition, greetings such asHappy Eid Ul-Fitr” یا “عید مبارکcan be written on the card.

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Wish You Eid Ul Fitr In your Friends

In order to understand your design progress, sometimes you need to keep the کارت عید فطر still. Because the wax is white on white paper, it is difficult to see, but if the light is captured, you will be able to see the lines and wax figures correctly. Two to three layers of the wax paper must then be placed inside the card to prevent the paint from oozing out. About Eid Wikipedia

After that, the brush should be immersed in a glass of water and rotated in the watercolor paint color of your choice until the water becomes colored. The ferrule should be painted over the pencil mark. White pencil marks prevent paint from entering the area, so they stay white for a perfect design. You can use one color or mix different colors to cover the entire front of the card. Allow the card to dry and remove the wax paper. After that, your information can be written in it.

On the other hand, if you want to create a mosque in a twilight sky scene, you must buy a piece of rainbow-colored card stock, with dark colors reminding you of sunset. Then fold the card in half and cut it to the desired size. You should then get a model of the mosque from a magazine or coloring book and place the model on black, dark, or gold card stock. You need to trace the shape with a pencil and paste it on the card cover.

The Celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. With Eid al Fitr greetings

Eid-ul Fitr, commonly known as Eid al Fitr greetings, marks the end of all Muslim Ramadan in the world. Eid-ul Fitr is an Arabic word. Iftar indicates a festival or feast, while moody people indicate the end of all vicious and corrupt practices and the break of fasting. This holy communion is celebrated after the new moon the day before, usually after twenty or thirty fasts.

On this blessed day, Muslims usually wake up in the morning and eat breakfast. This shows that the day is almost over. Usually, it consists of fans or dates. All Muslim men then participate in a special salah prayer, which is held in mosques and in open spaces such as fields and parks. Encourage Muslims to wear the best clothes, and preferably new clothes when attending prayers. No Adahan orprayerwas announced. Kind prayer includes two religions. Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards is followed by Khutba, then litany, asking for forgiveness of all our sins, and calling on Allah Almighty to accept all observed fasting. The sermon also teaches Eid al-Fitr, such as کارتهای عید مبارک (عشر). Then everyone has to say hello and kiss them. On the other hand, Muslim women perform عید اول فطر prayers in their homes.

After attending Salara, people will visit relatives and friendshomes and give small gifts. Some also visited the cemetery to honor loved ones and clear the grave. Many other customs are also part of Eid, such as Fitrana. Any Muslim who can pay these benefits must pay during Ramadan. It consists of about two kilograms of basic foods, such as raisins, barley, sugar, milk, jujube, wheat, etc., or an equivalent amount of cash. This was given to poor and needy Muslim brothers before the Eid prayer. Assistance can also be given during Ramadan so that recipients can use it for عید اول فطر.

Apart from religion, Eid is a very happy time for all Muslims, because it represents personal joy, a victory over self-control and chastity, and illustrates salvation and revival. The first three days of Eid are widely celebrated. Dinners and parties are held, gifts are exchanged, and people are dressed up.

It’s also time to forget hatred or past battles, forgive everyone, and accept them with an open heart.

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