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and altar-based ignorance and Islamic Eid Ul Azha festivals were different in two ways – the first difference was that they were celebrated only for the change of the seasons Eid Ul Azha and for the change of dates, while the people of Islam used to fast and worship God Sacrifices were used for sacrifice. The festival celebrates Eid as a thank you in Divya. Eid Ul Azha
Saturday August 25, 2018

Eid ul Adha and Quraabani
Allama Munir Ahmed Yusufi Eid Ul Azha
There are two days in a year which Muslims celebrate as Id – Eid Ul Azha one is called Eid al-Fitr, while the other is called Eid al-Adha or Id-ul-Fitr. The messengers Eid Ul Azha of Allah came to Mecca and journeyed to Mecca. Has set two dates in the year in which he is engaged in sports.

Eid Ul Azha On your inquiry, those people in Medina said that these Eid Ul Azha two days were spent in ignorance in the game. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that Eid Ul Azha Allah blesses those two days better than those two – Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Eid Ul Azha

Eid Ul Adha

Eid Ul Adha 2019

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There were two differences between the Eid and Islamic parties – the first difference was that they were celebrated only for the change of the Eid Ul Azha seasons and for the change of dates, while in the matter of fasting and sacrifice, Eid Ul Azha the people of Islam are worshipers of God. I celebrate Eid as a thank you.
The second difference is that the fasts of ignorance were only passing Eid Ul Azha on play and blood, while on Eid Ul Azha the day of Eid, the language was Eid Ul Azha declared in the presence of its creator and owner. “Or the divine! The moments of my happiness and sorrow are not complete without your Eid Ul Azha mention. “This is not the case, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr Id-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Fitr is committed to the sympathies of the poor and the poor and Eid-ul- Eid Ul Azha Fitr on the occasion.Dan Fitr and Eid- On the occasion of the half, the sacrifice was compulsory. Eid Ul Azha

Eid Ul Azha This difference is still present in the Eid of the Islamic nation and the Eid of unbelievers. The Idol of Kufr passes in joy and drunk while the day of Muslim Eid is spent Eid Ul Azha in worshiping with God’s beloved companions, and in the misery of the poor and needy. Eid Ul Azha is said to be sacrificed as Id-ul-Fitr. The word derived from the altar is “proximity”, which means proximity Eid Ul Azha
The last sacrifice is every action Eid Ul Azha that brings near the goal, the source of proximity is called sacrifice. Therefore, in the Islamic word, the act which leads to God’s proximity is sacrifice. Allama Fakhruddin Razi says:
The thing which is due to Yajna is a Yajna or which is called Eid Ul Azha Purushkar (Yajna). (Comment of Kabir section 1 P.) On considering this fact, it appears that Yagya is the extension of human life – Eid Ul Azha money There is no step in the situation of receiving spiritual satisfaction where there is no need for sacrifice. Eid Ul Azha

Eid Ul Azha This is the reason that sacrifice and human life are at stake. This is a very early life story of man, which the Qur’an has also cited. Both were sacrificed to Eid Ul Azha decide about mutual relations between the two sons of Prophet Adam. Qibil was a farmer. The owner Eid Ul Azha was a very good goat in the form of a sacrifice, Eid Ul Azha Abel was on the right, his sacrifice was accepted, and Cain’s sacrifice was not able to gain the privilege, Eid Ul Azha just this incident mentioned in verses 1 to 2 of Surah Eid Ul Azha Ground See the details of In this connection, Eid Ul Azha this implies that sacrifice was conceived at the beginning of human life, because it is a natural process, that is the reason Eid Ul Azha that Allah Tabarak and Bahla in the Qur’an said, Eid Ul Azha “And we set up a sacrifice for every community Send them their names on God’s given Bay language animals. ‘
(Quran) Eid Ul Azha
Not only sacrifice has been mentioned in the aforementioned poem, but in the case of killing animals, sacrifice has been ordered. Eid Ul Azha Ibn Athar has quoted in his history that when Ibrahim was thrown into the fire and he came out of the fire calmly, Nimrod said, ” Eid Ul Azha I have seen the power and glory of your Lord. Eid Ul Azha “Ibrahim said that unless you are in your religion, Allah will not accept your sacrifice.
Although Nimrod could not leave his false religion, Eid Ul Azha he offered four thousand cows – ”
Eid Ul Azha This phenomenon of Nimrod is also a clear proof that sacrifice, especially in the case of animal slaughter, is a very ancient concept and Eid Ul Azha has been prevalent in every era. Then came a time when history gave birth to a wonderful event, Eid Ul Azha whose scene Flickr has never seen it before and will never see it again.
Eid Ul Azha It was such that a great personality was honored with the title of Khalilullah, Eid Ul Azha who was given the privilege of Eid Ul Azha leading the humanity of the universe, and who succeeded in every test which his Lord had placed in a great test . Obedience and loyalty Eid Ul Azha were declared as beauties of the coming generations – Eid Ul Azha Ibrahim was ordered to sacrifice his liver, Ismail in our path, this popular and beloved servant of Allah blessed his son. The heartbreaking victim was sacrificed and Eid Ul Azha the prodigy son died without theft. Google
Eid Ul Azha The purpose of this was not to kill the son in the hands of the father, but to tell the residents the universe, that the proximity of God is impossible Eid Ul Azha without neglecting their orders and laws, “he does not take the path of deviation from nation and nation. is Eid Ul Azha


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