Attitude Poetry In Urdu

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Attitude and Meaning in Poetry

I know I keep saying that I don’t like writing articles about Attitude poetry in Urdu, but I do like it, maybe because of all writing in the world, I respect poetry first.

My wife was reading my poetry today and actually translated it into Spanish. She said: “You put a noun where the verb belongs. If you put another verb, it will be two in the same sentence. . And I said, this is not a sentence, but a line in a syllable, which completes the direct object. ”Honestly, I couldn’t find the word I really wanted, so I concocted this word and appeared in the plural so that I could end it as I wish.

Then I said to myself: She is trying to help, which is more meaningful to her (to me) (so to me). You cannot write poems, nor can you command creativity, it will not happen in this way. So I said, let me take a look and see what else in this poetry of love other than words can save the world. I rearranged the whole poem to create a deeper meaning than I thought but I was happier about it and gave up the word altogether, while my wife fell asleep in the chair. I want to show her my achievements; I mean, I have to stop everything in my life to think about this and see if I really want to change it. I think I did it for her.

Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter what method or situation is; now let me start again.

My world has four corners, North, South, East and West. I prefer God, myself, my wife and poetry.

The first thing I realized in Love Poetry in Urdu poetry a long time ago is-take what you like from the poet or poetry, and get rid of the rest. Is it good or bad, if not for you, why force yourself? So if you like what someone teaches you, it’s good for you. Otherwise, why arguing about something or someone is not yours? If you don’t like what I’m talking about, please don’t read me. If you do this, it’s okay; don’t get along with music that disturbs you; this way you can maintain a good posture. When Elvis is creating records, if someone is bothering him, he will stop production and leave. This makes sense, you cannot be creative with the wrong nose, which is why it is good, or maybe one of the reasons.

I will give an example of a big event that happened in 1985. At that time, the Ronald McDonald House in Sao Paulo invited me to a lecture, but I did it shorter than I thought. In any case, when attending the demo, they asked me to write a short story, like a story I wrote in 981, “Story: Willie the Humpback Whale”. For administrators, please review. During the performance, an official looked at it and said something like this: If you can only take out a rhyme picture, change the subject from a turtle to a human, and so on.

It was rude and demanding. I could continue, but I said: “You know what you want, go get it.” Then I stood up. They don’t need or want my creativity so much. They told me over the phone that they don’t know what they want, but I think they have found what they want. Besides not wanting to pretend and get along, I don’t want to waste my time or their time. If I lose anything, then no matter who knows what continues to happen, this may be a potential future: I mean, I am providing services voluntarily.

In any case, the only book she wrote about whales won the Pulitzer Prize. I retrieved a good letter, but did not receive the prize.

[The meaning of the poetry] Sometimes, poets get lost and don’t “know their topic, or because of this, I have noticed this in many poems I read. Most of us think it’s in the title of the poem, But it may be the opposite.”

When he finishes the discussion of a topic itself, the problem does not appear, but when he has made a decision, when he has named it, the problem does not appear. It’s like sitting with an old friend and nothing to say, so you can capture any sudden thoughts: this will cause confusion for the reader. If so, leave it alone, we don’t need to use it to beat people. Faulkner does this sometimes, which bothers me, but he does it for his own reasons: he is also a waste, so if you…don’t stop writing, just slow down.

-I hate to say that, but I would say: arrogance is good, and poetry will be a little better.-In poetry, if you do it right, don’t care about it too much, expose it to the syllables. What I write is written because I usually want to be there, and I like the imagination in the corner. Therefore, attitude and meaning are an important part of poetry. The reader can see and feel it. Readers are not virtual, they may not write, but they know. Sometimes they are the best poets, not because they want to write it, but because they like it, and most of these people are the people who value it the most and don’t like it mopping on the floor. Their inner eyes are very good. Our poet, perhaps with weird eyes, is somewhere in our mind, trying to lift the veil of this beast.

-Let’s see if I can say this correctly: Never write a poem that should be written because someone tells you they want to listen to it, write it because it should be written, this is something you overlooked, you could have done it Yes, but there is no direction to do it. Especially, you lose your creativity. Or at least I did it, the meaning of this poem is out of date.

Humain Shayar Smajh Kay Youn Nazar Andaz na karen,
Nazar Hum pher Len To Husn Ka Bazar Gir Jayega.

is duniaya main sirf do cheezon ki value he
aik zameeno ki dosri mere jese kameeno ki

khoon main wo ubaal aaj bhi khandani he
dunia hamare shoq ki nahin tewar ki deewani he

dunia main sirf do cheezen hi mashhoor hen
mera style aur meri girlfrind ki smile, Poetry in urdu

zindagi ko itna sasta bhi mat lo
k do kori kay loog khail kar chale jayen

main apne dushmano ko bolta nahin
bas waqt aane par dikhata hon

dehsaht phainalni he to shero ko trah phailao
darana to kutte bhi jante hen

woh dard bhi takleef main aa jate hen
jo ham se mukhatib hote hen

tere liye hogi lakhon ki akarh teri
humain to do rupee ki bhi nahin lagti

dam awaaz main nahin alfaz main hona chahiye
ooncha too har koi bool sakta he

jo maza seen kar kay ignore karne main he
wo maza block karne main nahin he

jab tak aap se koi jalne wala na ho
zaindagi main tab tak mazaa nahin aaata

meri kisi se banti nahin he
is main meri ghalati nahin he

hamari parsonality hamari ik ada
too kya teri saheli bhi ham par fida

dushman aur sigrate ko jalane k baad
kuchalne ka maza hi kuch aur he

aadat nahin peet piche waar karne ki
doo lafz kam bolta hon par samne bolta hon

apni shakhsiyat ki kiya misal don
na janane kitne mashhoor ho gaye
mujhe badnaam karte karte

ham wo hen jo aankhon main jhaank k such jaan lete hen
muhabbat he is liye ter jhoot ko such maan lete hen

ghulam ban kar jiyo ge to kutta smajh kar laat mare gi ye dunia
nawab ban kar jiyo ge to shair smajh kar salam thoke gi ye dunia

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

Aakhri baar apni safai deta hon
Main wo nahin jo dikhai deta hon

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

Aap ko kam btaya jaa raha he
Acha khasa burra hon main

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

Meri Izzat pe baat aie to
main muhabbat bhi maar dalon gi

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

Tujhe manau k apni anaa ki baat suno
ulajh raha he mere faislon ki resham bhar

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

Nikle wo log meri shakhsiyat bigarne
kirdar jin ke khid murammat maang rahe hen

Attitude Poetry In Urdu
Attitude Poetry In Urdu

hara kar koi jaan bhi le le to manzoor he mujhko
Dhooka dene walon ko main phir moqa nahin deta

Attitude Poetry In Urdu

wo jo tohmat lagate hen mujh par
mere sabar ki maar khaein Ge

Shakh se jo gir jayen ham wo patte nahin
aandhion se keh do apni auqat main rahen

Chhor diya ab logon kay pichhe chalna
jin ko jitni Izzat di us ne itna hi gra houwa samjha

Gumaan na kar apne damagh par ai dost
jitna tere paas he utna mera kharab rehta he

Apne humain thukraa dete hen koi gham nahin
Badnaseeb to aap hain jiski qismat main ham nahin

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